Developing a mid-century
Vision for the Future Aviation System together

Tomorrow's aviation system is being shaped today

Developing a mid-21st Century
Vision for the Future Aviation System, together.

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Developing our aviation future together
Sustainable  ·  Safe  ·  Resilient  ·  Adaptable.

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A Vision For The 
Future Aviation System.

Sustainable, safe, resilient, and adaptable future aviation systems.

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The Sky for All Vision

A sustainable, safe, resilient, and adaptable future aviation system, realized by advanced and continually emerging capabilities for agile, scalable, optimizable, increasingly diverse and equitable operations in shared airspace.

Principles and Aspirations are the foundation
Capabilities are building blocks
Opportunities are paradigm shifts to operations
Use Cases inspire possibilities and shape the Vision
Barriers describe obstacles we will need to overcome
Research questions guide needed exploration
The Sky for All Vision Circle

Principles & Aspirations

Foundation for the Vision

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Building blocks for emerging innovation and new approaches

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Paradigm shifts for aviation operations

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Use Cases

Operational possibilities that shape the Vision

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Stakeholders who inform and realize the Vision

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Bold opportunities to reshape the future

Paradigm shifts that will make our vision for a thriving future aviation system a reality.

Seamless Skies

New vehicles and legacy vehicles fly together seamlessly connecting the user from departure to destination.

Sustainable Solutions

Innovation designed to meet the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit for long term sustainable solutions - better for society, earth and business.

Ubiquitous & Resilient

Real-time decision-making information will be available anywhere and any time. Uncertainty planning and toolsets builds resilience into every flight plan.


Machine-learning is ubiquitous, so that tools and services connect operators to the most current knowledge and situational awareness is enhanced both for human/machine and machine-to-machine cooperation.

Operator Optimization

Operators will have freedom to fly among diverse vehicles working collaboratively and cooperatively sharing data & exercising tools for more mobility to optimize on environmental footprint and other operator-specifc mission goals.

Let's hear from you.

We want to hear your thoughts and inputs on these opportunities and paradigm shifts.

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